Saturday, July 31, 2010

week 2 days 5 and 6

my lower back was really sore yesterday, so my cross training was a pretty quick yoga. stretched out my legs and back, but i was still really having issues with pain, so i took it easy the rest of the day.

got up for a early morning walk/run with elaine. was planning on doing 4 miles...i took a wrong turn, and ended up doing 4.75. my goal was to get to 4 miles in under 48 minutes, and i did.

mile 1: 12:07
mile 2: 11:40
mile 3: 11:44
mile 4: 12:09 (4 miles at 47:41)

last mile was tough. i then walked most of the remaining distance for a total of 4.75 miles in 57:40. overall, the run/walk went well. it felt good during the run and i know i will be sore tomorrow, but even my back is not as bad as it was yesterday. i do believe this is the longest distance i have EVER run/walked. it will only get longer as i continue to train! i am pleased with today. the fact that i could run part of it and walk part of it was good...hoping to up the amount of running during each outing.... but it all depends on how my knees are feeling! will do some yoga later on today, and probably a bit tomorrow!

tomorrow is a rest day! out again on monday!

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