Thursday, July 15, 2010

week 0 day 4

got up this morning and went for my run first thing. it was a humid morning, but i met my goal. i wanted to do 5 repetitions of walk 3/run 2. i also wanted to get my pace under 13 minute mile. i was able to do both. i did the 25 minutes and did just over 2 miles. my pace was 11.57 minutes/mile. the beginning was tough, but once i got through the first cycle, i was a bit looser and it was good. the air being so humid made it a bit harder, but i finished!

today was the first time i tried running before i had eaten breakfast....not sure if it made it harder, but i am thinking i will be sure to eat before i least have a fruit smoothie. i definitely need some new shoes...but that may have to wait a few weeks... i would love some suggestions from anyone on good running shoes for when i do go buy them.

tomorrow will be a cross-train day. i am probably going to do some cycling and maybe some yoga again.


  1. There is a tribe of natives in some Central or South American country that wear no shoes and they run everywhere in a mountainous region. Some Brit did a documentary on it and lived there for a while. He adopted their methods. He said his bare feet are the best running shoes he has ever had once he got use to it.So my suggestion is of course to run in snow boots.

  2. So Joe have you tried it?????...... just wondering if it worked for you.


  3. The snow boots or bare feet? Bare feet seems to work out for the kids, since that is their preferred method of self powered propulsion.

    Myself, I go with the the He-Man Style boots:


  4. nice joe. as i am running on the road and don't want glass shards in my feet, i think i will stick to shoes. :) i have heard about that documentary though, kyle has talked about it. they must have such thick skin on their feet...crazy.

  5. Power. HA sorry i think you are lacking that skill. so how are all the kids?