Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week 2 day 2

today was a cross training day. it was a nice night...low 80s and 50ish% humidity, so i decided to go for a bike ride. went just under 6 miles (5.9) at an average speed of 12 mph for 29 minutes. my max speed was 20 mph :) there were a couple of stretches of road that were quite challenging, but i did it!! came home and did power yoga afterwards for 25 minutes. i am finding that yoga is quickly becoming my favorite part of the day!

i went to columbus running company today and had them help me pick out a new pair of shoes. my right foot tends to roll inwards a bit, so he suggested some stability shoes. i tried on 4 or 5 pairs, and ended up getting brooks...the same shoes i bought last time...but i was in desperate need of a new pair. all the support was gone out of my last pair. it's amazing how good they felt as soon as i put on the new pair!

i have an outpatient procedure scheduled for tomorrow morning...so i hope to be able to go for a walk tomorrow afternoon/evening!

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