Monday, January 7, 2013

2013...a look forward

As I look into the coming year, I would like to begin thinking about what I want to accomplish.  I have 3 big goals that I want to accomplish.

Goal 1: Qualify for Boston. 
This past year I ran 2 marathons and surprised myself in both.  On a non stop hills course in Canton in June, I broke 4 hours, taking 35 minutes off my first marathon time.  In October, I came close to a BQ, with a time of 3:42:59 taking almost 15 minutes off my time from June.  I never thought I could ever come close to a BQ.  After October, I was determined that I will take that 3 minutes off that I need in order to BQ.  I can do it!  The training has already begun, and I am feeling good!  The next opportunity is April 7th in Xenia. I come!

Goal 2: Do a Half Iron Man. 
I was a swimmer in high school.  I love being in the water.  I discovered my love for running about 3 years ago.  I am learning to enjoy cycling.  Put these together, and you have a desire to do a triathlon.  In 2012, I participated in a mini-triathlon in July and had a blast.  This led to doing an Olympic distance triathlon in September.  I had such a blast and I developed the desire to challenge myself even more.  A woman from my running group and I are going to do Rev3 at Cedar Point in September.  I'm totally excited about this!  I would love to say I don't have a time goal in mind, but I do. I won't reveal it right now, but I can't wait to see what my body can do.

Goal 3: Run 13 Half Marathons in 2013. 
This idea was inspired by another member of my running group who ran 12 in 2012.  I thought it would be very cool to say I ran 13-13.1's in 2013!  I will need to do one or two virtual races, but I am totally confident that I can achieve this goal!  I'm looking forward to tracking my progress here, and I can't wait to look back in a year and reflect on each race!  There are a couple of bloggers that are helping me with this goal.  Jill and Sandra.  I want to thank them in advance for the support that they are giving and the encouragement!!

I am excited to see what 2013 is going to bring.  I can't wait to sit here in a year and reflect on what I have accomplished.  Cheers!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012, a reflection...

As I reflect on 2012, I can honestly say I am proud of what I have accomplished.  I ran my 2nd and 3rd marathons. 

I got to run with my daddy. He ran about a mile with me in my marathon in June, 

and we ran the Jingle Bell Run (sorta) together, as well as with many other members of my family!  

I PR'd at every distance, except that illusive half-marathon.  I fought and won against PF.  I have stayed healthy.

I have run alone....

I have run with friends.  I have paced friends.  I have had friends pace me. 

I have run with my girls...

I competed in my first triathlon (Olympic distance). 

I met my running goal for the year.  Even with set-backs, 

I have fought through and I came out stronger.  

It was a good year.