Monday, February 20, 2012

plan for week 2 of marathon training

I am enjoying the Pfitzinger training plan.  However, I am finding that I need to really plan my weekly workouts.  So this is just a way for me to keep track of what I have slated!   He has a stretching routine, a strength training routine, drills, and a core routine.  My goal for stretching is 3-4 times per week.  Strength: 2-3 times, core: 3-4 times, drills: 1-2 times.

Monday: Rest/XT.  Strength, Stretch.

Tuesday: 8 miles w/10 x 100m strides. THR for the first 6 miles is 128-144.  Then 10 x 100m strides w/200m recoveries.  Drills before my run, Core afterwards.  Boot camp Tuesday evening!

Wednesday: 10 miles general aerobic (THR: 128-144).  Stretch.

Thursday: Rest (I have Conferences Thursday, so there will be no workout!)

Friday: 5 mile recovery run (THR: under 138).  Stretch, Strength, Core

Saturday:  13 miles w/8 miles at MP. (3 mile w/u at THR 128-144, 8 miles at THR 141-155, 2 mile c/d at 128-144.)

Sunday: Rest/XT. Stretch, Strength, Core

Sunday, February 19, 2012

1 month of clean eating

It has been about 5 weeks since I started clean eating.  It has gone very well.  Initially, I lost weight very quickly.  Then I seemed to level off for a couple of weeks.  Then, I started to notice something interesting.  Even though I was not losing weight, I was losing fat...and gaining muscle.  This is what I wanted to see happen!  I am down about 12 pounds, but have lost somewhere around 4-6% body fat.  I will have a better approximation on Wednesday when I have my body fat tested.  This is so encouraging.  I have begun to notice more muscle definition in my body, and my clothes are starting to fit right again!

So, what have I been eating?  Natural, whole, organic foods.  I have gotten away from most processed foods, and have avoided added sugar and anything made with white flour, for the most part.  A couple of times in the last few weeks, I have had small portions of these foods I have been trying to avoid.  I have noticed that when I do have even a small amount of processed foods, sugar, or white flour, I feel icky.  

I have become creative in the kitchen.  I made turkey burgers with Wheat Germ instead of bread crumbs.  I didn't tell anyone and they all raved about them!  I made a very yummy citrus-y salmon with whole wheat pasta.  Yum!

I am obsessed with yogurt, blueberries, and granola!  Oh yea, and natural peanut butter with apples or bananas!

I treat myself to 4-5 Dove dark chocolate covered almonds each day....I have really begun to love them!

I have also tried a really good oatmeal pancake recipe with a home-made fruit topping.  I made yogurt cheese and put that on the pancakes with the fruit as well.  It was similar to stuffed crepes!  One of my favorite things to have for breakfast.

And I have discovered a love for Kashi pizza.  OH MY GOODNESS!!  So amazingly good!  

Overall, I am very pleased with this change in eating habits.  I can see myself sticking with this long term, I just have to accept that there will be times I will have to stray from it just a bit.  Especially for things like birthday parties, and other important celebrations.  However, I also know that just because I am offered something sweet that would be contrary to how I normally eat, I do not have to accept it!  I can say no thank you, and enjoy a few Dove Chocolates instead!  

week 7 in pictures

Sunday 2/12:  Kayla is part of the youth puppet squad at the church we attend.  Tonight was her big show.  She did so well!  These are just a few pics of her throughout the show and afterwards when the kids could come up and see the puppets.

Monday 2/13: Today, in student council, I noticed this lunchbox that one of my students had!  Being a HUGE Beatles fan, I was, of course, instantly jealous.  I must find one!

Tuesday 2/14: Valentine's Day!  It was a snowy day, and there was a Valentine's Day party in Student Council.  During the party, a box of 2 dozen chocolate covered strawberries was delivered from my Valentine!  It was a wonderful surprise, and very yummy!!  I made a yummy citrus salmon and noodles dinner for us.  Mmmmm...

Wednesday 2/15: I DVR'd the Grammys and sat down tonight to watch them.  I haven't watched an awards show in years, but this one was pretty good overall.  I was especially tickled by the fact that Sir Paul performed twice!  (Have I mentioned that I am a HUGE Beatles fan?!?!)

Thursday 2/16:  Tea ended up not having school today because of a power outage.  So, she spent the day with me.  I was actually out of class that day for a math departmental meeting.  She brought a couple of movies and made herself right at home. 

Friday 2/17: I registered for the Scioto Miles race series and as a result, got a fantastic Brooks running jacket with my registration!  I got to pick it up today.  I have since run with it twice!  LOVE IT!!!

Saturday 2/18:  My niece turned 3 this weekend and we traveled to Fremont, Ohio to celebrate her big day!  She is an adorable little girl and had a princess themed party!  

week 6 in pictures

Life has definitely been busy these last couple of weeks, so I have gotten a bit behind.  Get ready for some rapid blog posting!

Sunday 2/5: Superbowl Sunday.  Lucy was intent on getting a piece of popcorn from Kyle.  She was staring him down.  Tea tried very hard to stay awake for the game, but soon enough, she was conked out on the floor.

Monday 2/6: It was a relatively mild February day here in Ohio, so my girls decided that a picnic was called for.  They took their dinner outside, along with a couple of blankets, and ate it picnic style in the back yard!

Tuesday 2/7: A couple of my students drew some pictures on my whiteboard when they were finished working on their group project.  They were so sweet, I had to snap a pic.  I even told them their drawing might make my weekly blog post!  :)

Wednesday 2/8: I'm kind of obsessed with peanut butter...especially since the Eat Clean way of eating encourages eating natural peanut butter!!  This is what we currently have in the house!

Thursday 2/9: Tea brought home her math test today!  So proud of her...she got over 100%!  Makes her mom (a math teacher) very proud!

Friday 2/10: The weekly challenge was to run at a metro park.  I chose Sharon Woods... unfortunately, on the day I chose to run there, the snow and the wind presented a challenge. :)  This is me after finishing 1 loop at Sharon. 

Saturday 2/11:  Kayla played her flute solo at the regional solo and ensemble.  The highest score you can get is a 1.  She played almost flawlessly, and it was beautiful!!!   The drive was a bit dicey as it snowed a bit the night before.  It was well worth it! 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

week 5 in pictures

Another week has come and gone.  It's amazing how quickly time flies.  I had some time today to reflect on where I was last year at this time.  Just over a year ago, I had a procedure on my heart to fix an electrical disorder that caused my heart to race uncontrollably.  You can read about it here.    I am so thankful that I have been able to continue to do what I love and for the blessings the past year has been. Ok, back to this week!

Sunday: Did some planking and my Lucy love bug had to get in on the action...she follows me everywhere!  

Monday: I am the student council advisor at the school where I teach.  We are having our prom at a new venue this year.  Monday, we took a trip to check out the venue (the LC for those of you who live in Columbus).  It is a really cool venue, and I think the kids are really going to enjoy having prom here!  I know I am getting excited about it! 

Tuesday: I had a really great workout at Boot Camp on Tuesday.  I was feeling so good afterwards, I decided to document it by taking a pic!  Yep, I am a sweaty, gross mess....but I am really happy about it! 

Wednesday:  After Tea was done with bells practice, we went to Subway to get dinner for the fam.  The sunset was gorgeous..and my little girl was holding my hand.  Even though it is blurry, I love that pic!  

Thursday: My CKCS are sisters...and it is sometimes scary how closely they mimic each other.  They just naturally do it.  I snapped a few pics of them just being cute.  Then when I went to check on Tea, I really took a good look at the posters she has hanging on her door....I love that she is so confident in who she is!  This made me a proud mama!  

Friday: Kayla and I both have iPhones. I ordered a bunch of cases from  They are soooooo cheap!  Some of them arrived on Friday.  Later, Tea was sketching in her sketchbook.  I was pretty impressed by what she drew.  She has always been artistic.  

Saturday: Every now and then, I like to feel girly.  :)  I haven't painted my nails in FOREVER!  I felt like doing it, so I did!  :) I have never been able to grow my nails, so they are short.  But at least they are pretty now! :)

Hope this week brings everyone out there great things!