Monday, February 20, 2012

plan for week 2 of marathon training

I am enjoying the Pfitzinger training plan.  However, I am finding that I need to really plan my weekly workouts.  So this is just a way for me to keep track of what I have slated!   He has a stretching routine, a strength training routine, drills, and a core routine.  My goal for stretching is 3-4 times per week.  Strength: 2-3 times, core: 3-4 times, drills: 1-2 times.

Monday: Rest/XT.  Strength, Stretch.

Tuesday: 8 miles w/10 x 100m strides. THR for the first 6 miles is 128-144.  Then 10 x 100m strides w/200m recoveries.  Drills before my run, Core afterwards.  Boot camp Tuesday evening!

Wednesday: 10 miles general aerobic (THR: 128-144).  Stretch.

Thursday: Rest (I have Conferences Thursday, so there will be no workout!)

Friday: 5 mile recovery run (THR: under 138).  Stretch, Strength, Core

Saturday:  13 miles w/8 miles at MP. (3 mile w/u at THR 128-144, 8 miles at THR 141-155, 2 mile c/d at 128-144.)

Sunday: Rest/XT. Stretch, Strength, Core

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