Sunday, February 19, 2012

week 6 in pictures

Life has definitely been busy these last couple of weeks, so I have gotten a bit behind.  Get ready for some rapid blog posting!

Sunday 2/5: Superbowl Sunday.  Lucy was intent on getting a piece of popcorn from Kyle.  She was staring him down.  Tea tried very hard to stay awake for the game, but soon enough, she was conked out on the floor.

Monday 2/6: It was a relatively mild February day here in Ohio, so my girls decided that a picnic was called for.  They took their dinner outside, along with a couple of blankets, and ate it picnic style in the back yard!

Tuesday 2/7: A couple of my students drew some pictures on my whiteboard when they were finished working on their group project.  They were so sweet, I had to snap a pic.  I even told them their drawing might make my weekly blog post!  :)

Wednesday 2/8: I'm kind of obsessed with peanut butter...especially since the Eat Clean way of eating encourages eating natural peanut butter!!  This is what we currently have in the house!

Thursday 2/9: Tea brought home her math test today!  So proud of her...she got over 100%!  Makes her mom (a math teacher) very proud!

Friday 2/10: The weekly challenge was to run at a metro park.  I chose Sharon Woods... unfortunately, on the day I chose to run there, the snow and the wind presented a challenge. :)  This is me after finishing 1 loop at Sharon. 

Saturday 2/11:  Kayla played her flute solo at the regional solo and ensemble.  The highest score you can get is a 1.  She played almost flawlessly, and it was beautiful!!!   The drive was a bit dicey as it snowed a bit the night before.  It was well worth it! 

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