13-13.1's in 2013

I will be trying to run 13 half marathons in 2013.  As, I am always looking for the next challenge, I think this will be a fun one to do!!  Here, I will keep track of the races I have run in 2013, as I strive to not only meet the 13-13-13 goal, but also to become a Half Fanatic!!  I would love to go for the Earth level by completing 6 halfs in 16 days, but I know for sure I can achieve either Saturn or Jupiter.

Race #3 (February 24): Last Chance for Boston Half Marathon:  1:46:19 (PR!!)

Race #2 (January 19): Sandy Hook Memorial Virtual Half Marathon: 1:53:13 

I met up with some of my favorite running peeps in Mount Vernon.  Three of us started out running laps on the track and eventually we became a group of 10.  once we finished up about 2 miles on the track, we ran the first 4 miles of the Earth Day Half Marathon. I quickly remembered how tough that first hill is. It definitely got my HR going.  A few more rolling hills and then back to the cars. A few of the running buddies were done at this point.  Everyone got a drink and/or gel and then we hit the Kokosing Gap Trail to finish up.

We ran out a couple of miles then turned back so a couple more could finish up their runs. Then 4 of us finished up strong.

This was a really fun run, the pace was about 20-30 seconds faster than I would normally run a long run, but when it started to get tough, my mind just always went back to the reason for the run. I'm glad I could finish this as strong as I did. 


Race #1 (January 6): Resolution Virtual Half Marathon: 2:00:11
I treated this as a training run.  I had been feeling sick for about a week, so I took this one easy.  Went out by myself in the cold and wind at my favorite metro park!

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