Saturday, July 24, 2010

Week 1 days 1-6

Well, we spent the first four days of this week in Vegas. I didn't do any running, but we walked, constantly. pretty sure all the walking we did makes up for the lack of running. i should have had it keep track of how much we walked each was insane. If you are interested in seeing any of the pix I took, you can visit this link:

we left early monday morning, and got home late thursday. spent the day on friday just recovering, and then picked up kayla from camp.

i got up this morning and tried to go for a run. it was 82 degrees with 75% humidity at 9:30 am. i started off with a plan of doing 3 miles at a pace of walk 3/run 2...however, when i started the first run, my knees hurt so much i almost cried. i tried to keep running, to see if they would loosen up, but it just go worse. so my plan became, do 3 miles at a fast walk. i wanted to get to 3 miles in under 42 minutes. first mile split was 14:07, second mile was 13:59, and i pushed myself hard to get the last mile to 13:47. total time was 41:55. so, i met my secondary goal. i am not sure what i am going to have to do to get some relief. for now, i will continue to go about my training with walking. i hope that will change as time progresses... i may try to get another cortisone seemed to help last time.

after my run, i did 25 minutes of yoga. my favorite part of my work out...really stretches out my legs and keeps me from getting too sore (aside from my knees of course).

hope to be back on track for my training this week. i will be able to post more often now that i am back in ohio! :)

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