Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week 2 day 4

got to go out tonight. i actually was able to run a bit tonight, which was nice. i think the new shoes really helped, but i also took some ibuprofen before i ran...not because i was running, but because of the recovery from the surgery yesterday. it was a beautiful night for a run. around 78 degrees and 50% humidity. perfect!

my workout was supposed to be 40 i started the first 25 minutes and did walk 4/run 1 just to feel out the running to see if i could handle it. the last 15 minutes i upped it to walk 3/run 2. splits were: mile 1-13:24, mile 2-12:32, mile 3: 12:17. was glad that i got faster as the workout progressed, and it felt pretty comfortable. all in all, i did 3.2 miles in 40 minutes. right around a 12:30 pace.

was not able to get yoga done afterwards, but hope to get some in tomorrow! hope i can continue to run!

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