Saturday, July 17, 2010

week 0 day 6

as i have a lot to get done today, i am posting earlier than normal.

went out for 3 miles. kept my pace right around 12 minutes. total of 3 miles in 36.5 minutes. walked for 3 minutes then ran for 2 minutes and repeated for the entire 3 miles. the weather was crazy. it was about 73 degrees.....but the humidity was 90ish%...and not a cloud in the sky. really had to push through, but it felt good to finish in less time than my previous time this week. once i get warmed up, my knee doesn't bother me at all...but it will cause me pain as the day progresses.

came home and did some yoga that was designed for long distance runners. it really stretched out the lower body. felt good and i am ready to go for the day. still have to take my osteo-bi flex and ibuprofen... hopefully it won't be too bad today.

now i am off to get the house cleaned, laundry done, and everyone packed for our various trips. excited about my first trip to vegas next week!!

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