Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week 0 Day 3

so, today i tried to do some yoga.  it really helped the pain i was feeling in my joints.  i just did something that was on the fit channel this morning...i think it is called namaste yoga.  it was really nice and i will probably try to do that at least a couple times per week.  i may even try to look into a class if there are any in the area.

after i finished yoga, we ate breakfast, packed our lunch and headed off to zoombezi bay.  it was a beautiful day for it and between walking and swimming for 4 hours, it was good to be moving around.  tomorrow, i will go for another run...not sure how long it will be, but i am aiming for between 2 and 3 miles.  i am also going to try to increase my running/walking ratio to 2/3 (instead of 1/4).

thanks for all of the encouraging words, and keep them coming.  i will definitely need them!

until tomorrow....

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