Monday, July 26, 2010

week 2 day 1

my training schedule had me going for 35 minutes at a walk 3/run 2 pace. still couldn't run, so i made my goal to do 2.5 miles. so i walked at a somewhat relaxed, but still pushing myself pace. i did 2.5 miles in 37.11 minutes. knees still really bugging me, but hoping a break from running will help with recovery.

came home and did namaste yoga, sun-wind. this was focused on shoulders and legs. it felt good, but knees are still giving me grief. i can't deny that i am getting frustrated. i want to run, and my body will not let is so frustrating to be held back by pain. i really want to be able to run the half-marathon in october, but it is starting to look more and more like i am going to have to walk it...and this does not make me happy.

i will continue to train, and hope that my body starts to grow more accustomed to the pace i would like to go!

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