Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week 0. Days 1 and 2

one of my life goals has been to run a half marathon... it has been a really long time since I have done any running....well, to be honest, since i have done much of anything.  So this week, begins my training for running/walking a half marathon.  i will most likely do a combination of running and walking, but i will play it by ear.  later in my training, if i am feeling good, i may try to run all of it...we'll see.  

This week is week 0...since my official training starts next week.  I will be using Jenny Hadfield's half marathon training program for running/walking. She splits the week up into 3 training runs, 2 days of cross training, and one long run.  most weeks train 6 days, but occassionally she throws a 2nd day of rest in there.  it is a 13 week program, so, i guess that means the race is 13.5 weeks away.  it is sunday, october 17th.  i am really excited to do this, and hope that i can achieve this life goal.  

i am using a program for my droid phone called cardiotrainer.  it tracks my route, tells me my average speed, how far i have gone, how many calories i have burned, and gives me updates as often as i want.  it is a pretty cool program.  

my first run was yesterday.  i started this week by doing a walk 4/run 1 pace.  yesterday i went just under 3 miles in about 37 minutes.  i felt pretty good afterwards.  i have arthritis in my knee, and the only thing i am afraid of is having painful joints. 

today i went for another run....same intervals.  walk 4/run 1.  today i kept up a 13 minute mile pace...that was my goal, and ended up going 3.25 miles in 43 minutes.  the last 4 minutes/0.25 miles was my cool down, so i did 3 miles in about 39 minutes!  better than i thought i would be able to do at the beginning.  I came home and took some ibuprofen to fight off the soreness in my joints...other than that, it is not too bad.  

tomorrow will be a day of "rest".  will spend the day with the girls at a water park...so we will be active the entire day, but no running tomorrow.

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