Tuesday, December 27, 2011

planning ahead

i realize it's tuesday, and that i haven't posted my plan for the week yet, but it's been a busy couple of days.   i finally have a few minutes, so i am posting my plan for the week.

looking back at last week: 
monday: 12 days of christmas challenge.
tuesday: ran an easy 4.5 miles did the 12 DoC challenge and did Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 3. run felt ok, and other workouts felt really nice.
wednesday and thursday: took a couple of days off to try to let my heel heal.  didn't do any workouts these days.
friday: met up with a group at sharon woods to try to do 2-3 laps (8-12 miles).  ended up only being able to do 2 laps...heel was really bad.  felt a bit disappointed, but this made me resolve to do everything in my power to get this better FAST! did the DoC challenge and Chalean Extreme Burn 1.
saturday: really wanted to run a 5k race that a running friend of mine had organized, but didn't to risk making the foot worse, so opted out of it.  instead, i did an incline workout on the treadmill about 4 miles.  set the incline up high and did a fast walk/really slow jog.  this didn't seem to bother the foot as much, so felt good about it.
sunday (christmas day): took today off.

plan for this week:
monday: run 4-5 miles easy and Chalean Burn Circuit 2
tuesday: run 5-6 miles easy
wednesday: meeting up with a big group of running buddies for a bRUNch.  going for a 10 mile hilly run and then back to the hostess's house for a yummy brunch.  
thursday: either doing Chalean burn circuit 3 today or wednesday
friday: run 3-6 miles easy
saturday: (new year's eve): easy 3 miler and chalean burn circuit 1 (beginning of week 3)
sunday: if i can pull it off, i am going to try to do a new year's race.  we have to be up at cleveland stadium by 3:30 or so, so it might be pushing for time.

still on the hunt for the push cd in the chalean extreme workout video series.  i have misplaced the dvd since i bought it a few years ago.  anyone know where i can find it??  only have a couple more weeks before i begin that part of the circuit!

i am wearing my boot whenever i possibly can.  i have also found a great taping technique.  i am taking my anti-inflammatories like clockwork, and stretching whenever i can.  i am happy to say that i am feeling progress. on my run today, i felt discomfort, but not pain.  that is definitely a step in the right direction!  hooray.  :)

i got a second sole gift card for christmas and i am going to buy a pair of trail shoes....i really want to get the brooks pure grit. has anyone tried these?  the reviews i have read so far have been positive.

going to write a couple more posts this week.  one about christmas and one about reflecting on the year.  hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are able to reflect on your journey through the last year!!  

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