Saturday, December 10, 2011

not the best week

i have been having issues with my left foot/ankle over the course of the last couple of weeks.  at first i thought it was PF, because it was mostly on the bottom of my heel.  but since then, i have been having pain in my ankle, both in the back and front, and in the top of my foot along the outside.  if it were just PF, i could still run and the pain would not be too bad.  however, after every run (and during some of them), i have been having increased pain.  so, i decided to rest this week...i am a bit depressed about this decision.  and i am starting to get twitchy.  this is the longest i have gone without running in a long time...last run was on tuesday.  i am going to call my podiatrist on monday and try to get in to have some x-rays done to be sure it's nothing serious.  i am really hoping that just a bit of rest is all i need.  running helps keep the depression at bay and without it, i can feel it starting to try to push it's way back into my life.

i want to try to find something to do to keep on keeping on, but anything that puts pressure on my foot is out.  even push ups....  any suggestions?

what do you do when you are hurt and have to change your routine?

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