Friday, December 23, 2011

rough day

so, i went to the doc yesterday for my foot.  after a quick exam and looking at some X-rays, it was pretty evident that it is PF again.  this time is about 10 times worse than the last time i had it.  it never gets better... in fact during a run, it gets progressively worse.  she gave me a cortisone shot (ouch!) and i am back to wearing the boot at night, taking some prescription anti-inflammatories, stretching....and not doing much running.

i met a group of my running friends up at sharon woods today for an 8-12 mile run.  after the first loop, i could tell that 2 more loops was not going to happen.  forced myself to do one more loop, and then had to stop.  the pain with every single step was too much to bear.  i got home and put my boot on for a while and took a nap.  got up and the foot felt ok.  after getting some gifts wrapped, i decided to try to go finish the 12....only needed to do about 4 miles.  after a minute into the run, i had to turn around and admit defeat.  i found myself crying as i faced the fact that i may have to lay off running for a while.  as most of you that are runners would understand, running is my sanity, it keeps the darkness away, and keeps me feeling good about myself.      without running, i am terrified that the depression will sneak back in.

i decided to to go ahead and do my chalean extreme workout.  i am hoping that i can keep on doing these workouts....and maybe some shorter runs for the next couple of weeks.  i've gotta get through the worst of this and then i can get back to my training.  i know that my training needs to really begin for canton sometime in i have some time to get this healed.

on a more positive note, i just need to get some more gift wrapping done and maybe make some cookies tomorrow and i will be ready for sunday and monday.  i love this time of year, but the way i have been feeling has left me grumpy and moving my focus from where it should be this time of year.

have you ever had to take time off from what you love?  how did you get through it?

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  1. I'm sorry you have to take a running break. It's very hard for me when I am injured so I'm not the best person to give advice on it. And I get depressed very fast when I can't run. Biking or swimming helps take the edge off. Focusing on what you do have or can do helps (as compared to what you can't do). Something I did was give RAK (random acts of kindness) to people at work. A card, a small gift, something that I thought would put a smile on someone's face made me feel better.

    Speaking of RAK, your gifts with the card were wonderful. Thank you so much. I love the gel thingys you gave me. They remind me of the rootbeer gel candies from my childhood.