Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Plan for Christmas week....

Last week went well.  I got in what I wanted to, even it it is under the mileage I am used to.  My foot is still hurting, but at least it's only 2 more days til I get to the doc to find out what's up.  It is feeling a little better....as long as I don't do anything. It hurts like the dickens after I run though.  Is that going to stop me?? NO WAY!  :)

Plan for this week:

Monday: Rest day.  (Still had to get in 12 Days of Christmas workout though... day 7)
Tuesday:  Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 3, run 4-5 miles, 12 DoC day 8.
Wednesday: Run 5-6 miles and 12 DoC  day 9,
Thursday: Burn Circuit 1, 12 DoC day 10.
Friday: Meeting with some running friends for 8-12 miles and 12 DoC day 11.
Saturday (Christmas eve!!): Burn Circuit 2, Run 6, and 12 DoC day 12.  

This is going to be a crazy week.  Just started my Christmas shopping...got most of it done through Amazon.  (I love the internet!).  But still have a few things to pick up in the stores.  Found out today, that I have a 16 transaction limit on my bank card.  I wish I had known that earlier.... had to cut some of my shopping short.  Next year, I am doing all of my shopping online...and in November!  :)  I am not a big fan of shopping.  It absolutely exhausts me and frustrates me to no end when I cannot find what I am looking for!!

However, I did get all of my blog exchanges, and DailyMile exchange stuff done!  Woohoo!  I had a lot of fun with those!  :)  Hope the recipients like what I got them.  :)

When do you start your Christmas shopping?  Are you done?

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  1. That's a great pre-christmas burn plan!

    I'm totally with you on hating shopping. I did half my christmas shopping on Sunday with a one-stop-shop and will be doing the rest on Christmas Eve, as I do every year. Perhaps I give the online shopping thing a try next year...