Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three things Thursday

1. Tomorrow is my last day of school and then I am off for 2+weeks!  I think I am more excited than the students.  I made all my students goodie bags...candy, pencil, eraser, stickers, and a cute little christmas bulb.  It's funny how excited high school kids get about these little treats.  It was fun to hand them out and watch their faces light up.  Handing the rest of the treat bags out tomorrow.

2.  Have decided that until I see my podiatrist (next Thursday) and find out exactly what is going on with my foot, I am going to take it easy on running (20-25 mpw instead of 30+) and continue working on building my strength.  I did day 3 of 12 days of Christmas today.  This is turning out to be a really fun challenge.  Then, I dug out my Chalean Extreme videos that I bought a few years back and did the first workout.  I forgot how much I enjoyed these workouts.  This is going to find its way back into my routine.

3. Today, I ate really badly.  I don't want to continue to eat this way...but this time of year is so hard for me.  Sweets are my biggest weakness, and I am trying to resist, but having little success.  Tomorrow is a new day... and a new chance to make good choices.

What are your strategies for continuing to eat healthy this time of year?


  1. My strategies for eating healthy are to work on portion control. Allow yourself to enjoy, but just not to overindulge. With the workouts that you are doing, you should be fine.

  2. We limit our social engagements (in part because my introverted husband can only stand so much socializing). I only allow myself to indulge at events and even there, I hold out as long as I can before I eat something sweet. Once I start, I have little self control.

    I'm so looking forward to 11 days of sleeping in past 6:30!

  3. It is hard to be good with food! I have to admit that it is my weakness. I try to save one day a week for indulging :)