Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jingle Bell Run 2011

Jingle Bell Run 2011.
My sis in law came down from Kansas, OH and spent the night here. We got up early and got ready and then waited for the rest of the crew to get here. My sis in law dropped off my nephew at around 7:50. My mother in law was here by 8:00. My mom, dad, and 80 year old gramma got here at about 8:10. Everyone got their numbers on and got jingled up, and then we were off. didn't realize the exit we normally take was closed, so had to make some last minute adjustments and got there a bit later than i would have liked, but still in plenty of time. 
me, mom in law, and sis in law
met up with my good friend some pix, and chatted for a bit, then everyone hit the bathroom.
elaine and i

kayla and elaine (her "columbus grandma")

mom and steph all decked out!

the troublesome twosome!  ready to go!

dad and i pre-race

the whole crew...even kyle, who just had to wear his sunglasses inside!  

my dad and i then went out and did a quick 1/2 mile warm up and got in line. he and i ran together; my sis in law and mother in law ran together; and my mom, dad, gramma, nephew, and both daughters walked it together. 

dad and i took off and had to do some weaving for a bit, then just decided it would be easier to just run on the sidewalk for a bit until it cleared out. my dad took off! he was running at a 6:30 pace for the first half mile. i kept him in my sights, because i knew he would eventually level out. my goal was to pr, and try to break 23:00. my dad just wanted to be somewhere in the 23-24 minute range. this is his first official race, and i was so excited for him. 
dad and me at the start
he walked this last year with my oldest daughter and decided that he wanted to train to run it with me this year. i am so proud of him! he and i stayed together for about the first 2.5 miles. then i started to pull away a bit. i was feeling amazing, but was afraid i was going to run out of gas, so i held back just a bit....wishing i hadn't, because i was only 20 seconds or so away from breaking 23!

getting ready to walk the streets of columbus. 
i crossed the finish line, and a woman hands me a ticket that says i was one of the top 50 women, so i got a medal! i almost told her to shut up! i was pleasantly surprised, and mighty proud of that medal. i am not sure of my exact placing yet, because the results are STILL not posted.... but i am very excited about this race.
me and my sis in law (steph) after the finish...notice my medal?? :)
my dad came in about 40 seconds behind me...right around 24:00. i am very proud of him!! my sis in law and mother in law came in right around 31-32 minutes. my brother in law (who has not run more than a mile or so) and his girlfriend came in around 39:00. my dad and i and my sis in law went back out to meet up with the rest of the crew and dad and i ran the two little ones in. 
can you tell the little ones were ready to run??
they just sprinted to the finish. it may have been one of my favorite parts of the day!! they were just too cute. running to the finish, holding hands.

they look like they are flying!
 the rest of the crew (including my 80 year old gramma) finished in about an hour!
gramma, mom, and kayla crossing the finish!
what an amazing day spent with family. this was a fun event, and everyone in my crew had a blast!!

 these two were inseparable.  

she was calling this abuse.  :)

some of the crew after the race.

kayla and i walking back to the car.

i can see this becoming a family tradition... does your family have any fun and unusual traditions? 

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