Tuesday, January 3, 2012

what a week

what a great week last week was.  got to visit with family, sleep in a couple of days, run with some awesome friends, and sit in the dawg pound at the browns/steelers game on new year's day.

monday: ran a nice easy 4 miler in the 'hood, then home to do chalean burn circuit 2.  then had my husband's side of the family over for christmas!  it was great to get to visit with the family.

tuesday: met up with some of my running buddies and did an easy 5 miler.  they pushed me a little bit on my pace, but it felt really good.

wednesday: had a runDMC meet up for a bRUNch.  went out for a killer hill run, and then brunch at the hostess' house afterward.  these were seriously some killer hills!  had to walk up one, it was so steep!!  got a good 9 miler in at a pretty slow pace....my heel was really bothering me on this run.  brunch was fabulous!  i am so blessed to have such awesome people with which to run!

thursday: chalean extreme burn circuit 3 and nike trainer ab trainer.  these were nice workouts.  then met my father-in-law and he took the girls for a few days over new year's.  this is an annual tradition, and they all look forward to it!!

friday: took the day off and did nothing!  hubby and i watched most of the first season of big bang theory.  this show cracks me up!! check it out if you want a good laugh!

saturday (new year's eve): met up with a group at highbanks metro parks for a loop.  foot was bugging me again, so i just did one loop...thought about potentially doing 2, but needed to stop after 1!  got to meet a new runner in our group, and we had a great time running 2011 to a close!  the hills at highbanks are no joke, either!  hubby and i went to melting pot that night for a wonderful yummy dinner!  great way to see in the new year!

sunday: hubby and i went to the browns' game to watch them battle their rival, the steeler's.  it was a close game, but unfortunately, the browns came up a bit short.  we kept warm, even though the weather started to decline very quickly.  got about 2 miles of walking to and from the car.

total miles for the week: 26
total cross training/weights workouts: 3

plan for this week:
monday: rest day...last day of break
tuesday: run 4 easy
wednesday: chalean burn 1/run 4-6 easy
thursday: run 6 easy/nike trainer ab workout
friday: chalean burn 2
saturday: run 10-12 easy/nike trainer ab workout
sunday: chalean burn 3/run 3-5 easy

total planned mileage: 27-33
total planned weights workouts: 3
total planned ab workouts: 2


  1. I love the Big Bang Theory, totally funny! I have yet to watch an entire episode but my kids tape it and so I pick up pieces here and there. Love it.

    Be careful with that heel, that pain dogged me for 18 months. What a nightmare!!

    Happy Weekend!