Saturday, January 7, 2012

week 1 in pictures

i have always wanted to do a 365 day picture challenge.  i have seen many of my friends do it, and i love the pics.  my problem is not that i won't take a picture each day, but it is in getting it posted every day.  so, i am going to try to do a weekly post with all the pictures that i have taken throughout the week.  this is the first one of the year!

sunday: took a trip to the browns game with the hubby.  had a lot of fun, despite the cold, wind, and snow!

monday: lazy day off...last day of winter break.  lucy (our cavalier king charles terrier), took the whole lazy day to a new level. 

tuesday: first day back at school.  it was also the coldest day of the winter.  i went for a sunset/dusk run.  when i left it was 18* with wind chills in the single digits. was treated to a beautiful sunset though!  

wednesday: i ordered my pedometer for a challenge i am participating in.  it came today!!  this will be on my person for the next 4 months.  i have been surprised to see that without running, i don't take nearly as many steps as i thought i would.  it has also motivated me to do some extra walking to get my steps up to almost 10,000 average per day. 

thursday: did an incline workout on the treadmill.  just 2 miles...but it was tough.  really got the heart rate going!  

friday: i actually have a couple of pix from today of my kids (and pets...) kayla was snuggling on the couch with sadie...and it was a beautiful pic, so i had to snap it.  then tea was reading with her american girl doll...too cute.  and my cute kitty cat, oscar (he is 15ish years old).  love him!  finally, went to run a 5k on my own.  ran it fast, but not all out, and it went pretty well!  

saturday: what an absolutely gorgeous day in ohio.  it's hard to believe that it is january!  took a couple snaps of the gorgeous sunshine.  will be craving this later in the winter i am sure!  

hope everyone had a great first week of the year!  enjoy week 2!!

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  1. Your dog sleeping on your daughters head is adorable. Faced all pushed up and all. :) - Mel