Saturday, January 14, 2012

week 2 in pictures

sunday: went for a run around my friend's neighborhood while our girls played.  love my glove...and got a great shot of the sunset.

monday:  got to school early and saw a brilliant full moon.  had to try to take a pic.  this was the best one i got.  

tuesday: went to my first boot camp class..really intense but really great .  when i got to my car, i had a message that my sis in law was going to the er with severe stomach pain (she is ok now!).  so i went over to their house and took care of the kiddos while mom and dad were at the hospital.  when i got home, i watched my favorite show on TV...NCIS!  

wednesday: got home that day and my package from my blog exchange had arrived!  through no fault of her own, my blogger secret santa's gift got lost in the mail, so she sent me another package!  (too sweet!) and it was the perfect gift for me...all things to help with my PF.  i have already tried the KT tape, and i love it!  the chocolate is really good too!  

thursday:  this was a big day for the high school at which i work.  the vice president of the US (yep, biden!) visited to talk to the seniors and juniors about college affordability. the first pic is of a group of students waiting by the windows to see his motorcade arrive.  very cool moment!  i got to see the motorcade coming and going.  pretty cool!! the second is a snap of him leaving. 

friday: had our first real snow storm of the winter come through beginning late thursday night into friday morning.  i got a snow day!  the girls did not.  the winds were crazy (check out the flags...they were like this non stop).  and we even saw a car in the ditch.  craziness. 

saturday: i decided to brave the snow and cold and go for a run.  it was chilly (less than 20 degrees), and lots of snow on the ground.  i dressed warmly enough, and my shoes (brooks pure grit) did really well.  but i definitely need some warmer socks.  :)  took it really slowly and just took in the sights.  the girls played outside as well!  gotta love the first snow of the winter.  

thankfully, it is supposed to be warm again next week!  

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  1. Yay!!! I am so glad that it got there! Merry belated Christmas!