Wednesday, August 25, 2010

week 5 and week 6

i have gotten a bit behind on my posting, but wanted to catch up a bit. i have been doing really well. i have been running more often and walking less. and what's great is that my knees are feeling wonderful!! i have also begun using the P90X lean program as my cross-training. i will say....those workouts are intense! but i have really enjoyed them so far. the last two saturdays have been 6 miles and the last one i ran all but 6 minutes of it! it is wonderful to get into a nice rhythm and then the run just flows. every now and then it is tough. this past monday was one of those days. but i fought through it. i started back to school this week so my "sunrise" runs will have to be replaced with "sunset" ones. i love running in the morning, but i am hoping that running in the evening will be just as pleasant. as long as the temp and humidity keep slowly dropping, all should be good!

thanks for everyone's continued support. if you would like to cheer me on when i run the race, mark your calendars for october 17th! you can visit this website for more information:

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