Saturday, August 14, 2010

week 4 days 5 and 6

Sometimes, training is not a priority. yesterday i got to spend time with my family, some from out of state. a house full of 40+ people made for a long but wonderful day. towards the end we all were witness to my cousin's boyfriend (these were the ones from out of state) propose to her! it was unexpected and wonderful and emotional and a moment none of us will soon forget. so...needless to say, i did not do any cross-training yesterday, but it is all good.

this morning, i woke up early and went for my walk/run around my parent's house. this was my favorite run/walk well as my longest. It felt great, and my time was good! i walked the first 2 miles, ran the middle 2 and finished out by walking the last 2! knees felt really good, even during the run. did my fastest walking mile to date, and it was my last mile! awesome!!

mile 1: 12:44
mile 2: 12:58
mile 3: 10:16
mile 4: 10:20
mile 5: 13:00
mile 6: 12:10

next week is a bit of a break for the "long" run of the week, i only have to do 4!! i could have gone longer today, so i am very pleased. overall my pace was 11:55.

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