Wednesday, August 4, 2010

week 3 day 3

so, yesterday i decided to try a new treatment for my knees. i had a muscle massage gel that i bought this weekend. i read the directions and followed them...however, i didn't know that i would have such a reaction to the main active ingredient...capsaicin. i put some on at 5pm, and initially i thought i would be similar to icy hot. started out with a cooling sensation...then it begain to burn...really uncomfortably. and it continued... i was not able to sleep until about 3am because it was so uncomfortable. when i finally did fall asleep, we had a line of pretty strong storms move through...and that kept me awake for a while. when it was all said and done, i woke up around 9 having gotten around 4.5 hours of sleep. looked at the temp, and saw it was already almost 80 degrees with humidity in the 80% range. i really tried to talk myself out of going out for my run/walk . but i did not succeed.

on the training plan for today was a 40 minute workout. i tried something different today with it. for the first 2 miles i walked 1/2 mile and ran 1/2 mile. by the time i finished the 2nd mile, i wasn't sure i was going to be able to finish. it was like running in a sauna. so, i walked the last mile. overall, i did 3.2 miles in 40 minutes, so my overall pace was still around 12:40.

mile 1: 11:27 (this may be my best mile split time!)
mile 2: 12:09
mile 3: 14:22

i finished the workout...but it was one of the hardest ones i have done so far! lack of sleep and really uncomfortable running conditions did not help either. oh yea, and around 2.5 miles in, the burning sensation began to come back! NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE THAT MEDICATION! has anyone else experienced anything like that?

another running workout tomorrow, 42 minutes. and then a road trip to see family!

til tomorrow!

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