Saturday, August 7, 2010

week 3 day 6

woke up before my alarm and decided it was a good time to get up. today, i was going to try something new. i wanted to test my theory that my running/walking pace is not a whole lot faster than my walking pace. so...i decided to walk this morning. i had a 5 mile workout on the schedule this morning and i didn't want to go around my neighborhood, so i went out to old gahanna and went round creekside, friendship park and parts of old gahanna. it was a beautiful morning. at the end of my workout, it was 69 degrees with humidity in the 70s. GORGEOUS!!! i wanted to do 5 miles in around an hour. i ended up at 1hour 3 minutes. my overall pace was right around 12:30. this workout felt really good, and my knees did not hurt at all! my goal for the next few workouts is to get my pace under 12:00. if i can lose a few more pounds, it may take some of the pressure off of my knees and running may not be so painful... we'll see. i will walk this week and then try to run again a little next week.

mile 1 - 12:36
mile 2 - 12:21
mile 3 - 12:42
mile 4 - 12:49
mile 5 - 12:41

i am happy with this for now. i will get better!! looking forward to taking a nap today and a rest day tomorrow!! happy weekend!

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