Monday, August 9, 2010

week 3 day 7 and week 4 day 1

yesterday was supposed to be a rest day...but i have to do my challenges on sundays. did 85 squats, 51 situps, and 36 pushups. after doing some back to school shopping, i took the kids and all three dogs for a walk. we just did a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood. ended up being 1.13 miles in 21:51. like i said, just a stroll...but it was so nice last night, we couldn't resist!

this morning, i woke up when kyle's alarm went off, and couldn't fall back to sleep. i guess this is not such a bad thing, since i will soon be having to wake up at that time anyway, but it was not a happy moment for me. i finally got out of bed a little after 7 and went out for my walk. i am trying to do my 3 workouts this week while walking and then incorporate some running on the long run this saturday. this morning was a little disappointing. i was hoping to better my pace from saturday....and the first two miles were not too bad. however, mile 3 was really slow...and i can't figure out why. my overall pace was not at all where i wanted it. hoping wednesday is better. i really want to get closer to 12:00 for a walking pace.

mile 1: 12:38
mile 2: 12:31
mile 3: 12:51

overall 3.32 miles in 42:00. pace around 12:38. i am glad i went out when did, because it has gotten pretty warm already. it was in the high 60s with humidity around 85% when i went out. got warm really quickly!

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