Wednesday, August 11, 2010

week 4 days 2 and 3

this was a tough morning. it was 78 degrees and 85% humidity when i went out at 7:45 am!! made it really hard to push too i didn't. i tried to go at a comfortable pace. ended up being pretty slow. i walked a mile, ran the second mile, and walked the remainder. i was able to run for a whole mile without stopping. first time i have done this in a while. the neighborhood i went in this morning had some very uneven sidewalks, and as a result, i tripped 4 times and fell once. thankfully, i fell on my hands while i was walking so the only thing that hurts is my right pinky. i was able to get right back up and finish...but it threw me off for the rest of the route!

mile 1: 12:50 (walking)
mile 2: 10:58 (run...LOL)
mile 3: 13:58

overall did 3.2 miles in 40 minutes for a pace of around 12:30. i really took it easy on the last mile. i just wanted to finish! may try the cardio p90x tonight...we'll have to see how i am feeling.

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