Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekly wrap up...and plan for the coming week.

This has been a good, albeit, busy week.

Monday: Had the day off for the holiday.  Got my run in.  Nice and easy 3 mile progressive. (9:35, 8:43, 8:12 splits).  

Tuesday: Had the day off school.  Was looking forward to a nice quiet day at home alone....then we had snow and ice overnight, so the kids had a snow day.  Ran a 30 minute tempo run on the treadmill.  10 mins at 9:30 pace, 15 mins at 8:28 pace, 5 mins at 9:00 pace.  Week 4 day 1 of Drop and give me twenty....63 push ups.  only 4 on my knees!  Even though this workout is getting tougher, I am feeling stronger every week!!  Then i took the girls to K's favorite restaurant...Chipotle!

Wednesday: Took Wednesday off..had a crappy day.  Swapped some workouts around to accomodate.

Thursday: Final round of Parent Teacher Conferences for the year.  Then, after being inspired by a co-worker and fellow runner, I came home and ran 3.  Was supposed to run based on heart rate, called for 65%-75%.    So I got on the treadmill, strapped the heart rate monitor on, and went for it.  This was the first time I have tried this...and it went pretty well. The hardest part was slowing the pace down enough to keep HR where it should be.   Got week 4 day 2 of drop and give me twenty done....72 this time!  woohoo!

Friday: Schedule called for 3 miles at race pace. It was still pretty chilly, so did it on the TM after school.  3 miles at 8:22 pace.  I am hoping I can break 1:50 in the Cap City Half in May.  So this run was right on pace!

Saturday: Took a trip up to Kansas, OH for my niece's 2nd birthday party, so switched Saturday's run to Sunday. Had a nice time with the fam!

Sunday: Schedule called for 6 slow miles.  I have been running 7, so I decided when I got to 6, that I would go for one more.  Tried to go slow, but I also wanted to try to run a progressive run. I get so bored running too slowly, and I find it difficult to run too slowly.   Ended up with a pace that was about 20 seconds faster than I should have, but the splits were almost all negative!  (9:23, 8:56, 8:45, 8:43, 8:44, 8:33, 8:19). Got home and did week 4 day 3 of drop and give me twenty.  This was tough to do after my run, but I got it done.  77 push ups this time!  And ended the week with p90x StretchX.  This was a great end to the week...I really needed the stretch!

Heel is still not great. I am looking into a Strassberg Sock...or something similar.  I have been rolling, icing, taking ibuprofen, and stretching.  It is not getting any worse....or better!  Would love any suggestions.

Next week: 
Monday: 3 mile easy run....then off to a meeting for K's first year of high school scheduling. did I get so old?!

Tuesday: 6 X 400's at 5K pace, ab ripper, and drop and give me twenty.

Wednesday: 3 mile easy run, and some yoga.

Thursday: Easy 3 mile run.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Arnold 5k.  Goal is to PR...would love to break 24:00, but I am not greedy!  ;)

Have a great week everyone out there in blogger world!


  1. Melanie! Nice to find your blog:)
    Sorry about your heel...:( Looks like you are doing some great running, though. Let me know how that sock works out!

    I found the challenge at
    Hope I spelled that right! let me know if you can/can't find it. I should have all of them on my blog so far...but getting them in email is nice too.

  2. Sorry about your heel. :( :( But good luck in your 5k this weekend! Blerg well next weekend since this one is almost over. Tuesday looks really intense. I need to start doing my 400s as well. ;)

  3. I don't know if you are really up for changing your running style completely at this point, but I had heel problems and shin splints all my life until I tried Vibram Fivefingers, haven't had any problems since. You have to get acclimated but running in them is amazing!