Wednesday, February 2, 2011

what's going on...

i need to get better at this whole blog thing!  it seems every time i think about posting, i do not have time to get to it!  i truly enjoy reading everyone's posts tho!

i got back into running the wednesday after my procedure.  took it really slowly, and eased myself back into it last week.  only logged 16 miles last week...but i am confident i will be back to my 25ish miles very soon.   went outside this past saturday (first time since the new year that i have run outside).  felt nice to be back in the great out of doors!  however, i slipped on a small patch of ice, and since then my left ankle is slightly sore.  took sunday off and then ran short distances on monday and tuesday.  still a bit sore, but not too bad.  going to continue taking it easy, but hope i can get back to normal soon!

had a crazy storm come through yesterday.  a snow day yesterday and another one today!! woohoo!!  didn't really do anything yesterday, but i think i will try to get some stuff done today!  we'll see.  i woke up way too early....wasn't sure if we would have school or not.

i really want to continue trying to improve my overall fitness.  i know my aeorbic levels have to be good.  when i was having my procedure, the nurses commented on how low my resting heart rate was right around 50...  but i want to improve my core and upper body fitness.  not sure if i will try to incorporate more p90x into my routine...but we'll see.

i am currently searching for some races in my area in the next couple of months.  i do love racing, and i think it will help add some variety to my life!  :)  if anyone in the central ohio area knows of any really fun races in the next couple months, let me know!  i am debating on the CRCC winter run on february 13 and the arnold 5k on march 6th.  has anyone run these?  how are they?

off to enjoy my 2nd snow day in a row!

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  1. It can be hard finding the time to blog. I have been having a hard time trying to get some free time to do it lately.