Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Recap of January

Miles planned/ran:  I planned to run between 57-97.  Actually ran 84.   Had to take about 9 days off because of my procedure.  February is going to be a higher mileage month!!  :)

Cross training workouts planned/completed:  16/14.  This was composed of a mixture of ab ripper x, drop and give me twenty, and yoga.

Rest days planned/taken: 13/13.  So many this month because of the time off to recoup from the ablation.

Highest mileage week: 31.

Lowest mileage week: 0. Hate that!!

Long runs planned/run: 4/3.  Long run is 6+ miles for me...

Incline workouts planned/run: 3/1.  Want to do at least one per week from now on...

Speed work planned/run: 3/4.  Hoping to get at least one per week in the future!

Current drink: Tazo Sweet Wild Orange tea.  This stuff rocks!!    I am also loving my new smoothie:  1 whole orange, 3/4 cup frozen strawberries, and 6 oz of apple juice.  it's a bit tart, but i LOVE IT!!!  plus, it is under 200 calories!!

Current ache/pain:  Just my left ankle after slipping on a patch of ice this past saturday.  not too bad tho.  it is getting better with some ice and tlc!

Book club book: Little Brother by Cory Doctorow.  Still have to finish...but it is a pretty good book.  Kind of a futuristic "Big Brother is watching" type book.   I also finished Columbine this month....VERY GOOD!!!  I highly recommend it!

Current song:  I am on a Sanctus Real and '80s/'90s kick right now!

Current excitement: Training for the Cap City Half begins this month!  I am also excited to start preparing for my talk for the next Walk to Emmaus...of which I am a team member!!  :)

Current wish list: A running skirt....I do not have one yet!!  A road ID.  More warm days so I can get outside!!!

Donuts burned all time/month: 355/44

Goals for February: Run 100+ miles, find a race to run in the Columbus area, incorporate at least 4 core fitness workouts, 2 upper body workouts, and 3 sessions of yoga,  3 incline workouts, 3 speed workouts.

Thanks to (Just) Trying is for Little Girls, and Silly Girl Running for the idea to post a recap of the month!  LOVE IT!


  1. Nice recap!

    Also, you won a draw over at my DW's GettaGift Jewellery Facebook page. Go have a look and get back to her with your address and such...

  2. thanks! i am excited about my prize!!

  3. great goals! I sooo want to do yoga way more often!

  4. Love Sanctus Real! Running skirts rock!

  5. i really enjoy yoga. i think it is the perfect pairing with running!

    i have actually got to meet sanctus real. a very good friend of mine is close with one of the band members' family! they are a great bunch of guys and one of my favorite bands!!

  6. Hi Melanie, thanks for stopping by and suggesting I wear a running skirt. I'm still pondering that one :-) I love the quote on your Blog title. Using that logic, I've decided to shoot for a 3:00 marathon this Sunday and if I miss it, I'll then be sure to "land" on my 3:30. Why didn't I think of that? :-)

  7. Thanks for the uplifting comment just now Melanie. I forwarded it on to Small Town Runner too since she is currently finding herself injured during her boston training. Do you read her blog?

  8. Love the recap. Where did you go? Recap February! March is halfway thru!