Tuesday, February 22, 2011

summary and preview

the last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy.  have many days where squeezing my run in became the theme of the day.  i have missed out on keeping up on reading and writing blogs.  so, i am making a new goal: to post at least twice a week.  once to preview what is to come for the week, and once at the end of the week to summarize and reflect.

let me first summarize the last couple of weeks: 

week of 1/31-2/6
total miles: 27 including a long run of 7 miles, some speedwork, and a billy goat climb.
cross training: ab ripper a couple of times, drop and give me twenty doing real pushups, and a session of yoga.
how did it feel? this was my first week back to "normal" training after my procedure, and it felt good, even though it was tough at the time.

week of 2/7-2/13
total miles: 22   including a tempo run, billy goat climb, and a 7 miler
cross training: drop and give me twenty week 2 (up to 32 this week), ab ripper a couple of times, but didn't get a session of yoga in this week. :(
how did it feel? pretty good week.  can feel myself getting more and more comfortable at a 8:15-8:30 pace.  my long run this week was one of the best runs i have ever had...it was fun, felt effortless, and was my best time ever (57:46).

week of 2/14-2/20
total miles: 30.  including some really great intervals, a billy goat climb, and another 7 miler.
cross training: drop and give me twenty week 3 (up to 55!!), ab ripper, yoga, and some just dance 2!
how did it feel? monday, i started noticing some pain in my right heel.  tried to be careful to get out of my heels, and wear my supportive shoes more.  started doing some reading, and asking around and i think it may be the start of PF.  so...i have been very proactive in trying to get a jump on treating it before it gets too bad. have been doing some rolling (with a can of tomato paste.  heehee), icing, taking ibuprofen, and being intentional about stretching.  hoping that i can get this under control before it becomes too much of an issue.  it is feeling better yesterday and today than it did this weekend...so that is a good sign!

preview of things to come: 

i am entering the arnold 5k  on march 6th.  my training schedule calls for a 5k race that weekend....so this was  perfect timing! excited to run in only my 3rd race...and 2nd 5k!  hoping to beat my first time (24:36).   i feel much stronger and faster than i did in december, so i think i can do it!!

really getting excited as my training continues to pick up for the cap city half marathon in may!  i just know i am going to have such a great time!  i love running....and racing is a ton of fun.  may can't get here fast enough!

this week, i have a tempo run scheduled, a long run of 7 again, (might push it do 8.  we'll have to see how the heel is holding up.), a billy goat climb, a couple ab workouts, drop and give me twenty, and some yoga.  also, going to continue to baby my heel and pray it continues to feel better, and not worse!


  1. Great new look to your blog...it is different right? Maybe a new picture? Hope your heel is feeling 100% soon. You're smart to listen to your body. Thanks for the comment on my SAHM post. You're sweet!

  2. Also running a 5K on march 6 (susan G. komen) =) Good luck to us! and I love the blog's new look =)

  3. Thanks girls!! The pic is different (that's me on the left) and the background has changed. I get bored easily, so I like to change it up!

    I can't wait for the race this weekend!! Good luck to both of us!!!