Tuesday, November 29, 2011

let's try this again.... 11/18/11

I have tried to keep a blog before, and failed miserably.  I am hoping that this time will be different. I love running.  I love thinking about running...I love talking about running....I love shopping for new running gear...  you get the point.  

Last week I did a pretty challenging hilly trail race for the first time.  It was insane...and I loved it.  I am going to be incorporating more hills into my runs.  I love the challenge.  

I am planning on running the Jingle Bell Run in a couple of weeks, and I would really like to break 23:00.  I will be running it with my dad and the rest of the family will be walking/running as well.  Since I began my journey 16 months ago, many members of my family have taken up running...my mother in law, my sister in law, my dad, my daughter, and freinds...it's been really cool to share in their journey!  I am also planning on the Arnold 5k in March.  

In June 2012, I will be running my second marathon in my hometown, Canton, OH.  I am very excited to run on the streets where i grew up!  I hope to be able to break 4 hours in that race.  

My youngest daughter, T, is training with me to run a 5k.  We are on week 5 of C25K, and we went out tonight for her 2nd day of the week.  She has been doing soooo great.  Tonight, however, she wasn't feeling well.  After about 8 minutes in, we had to turn around and head home.  We will try again tomorrow.  

i look forward to keeping track of my progress and reflecting on my life as a runner on this blog.  hope 

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