Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rainy days and Mondays... 11/28/11

it was like monsoon season came to ohio today.  didn't run today (it's a day off), but i am starting to try to plan out my training starting in january.  i am excited for the jingle bell run on saturday.  i would love to try to break 23:00.....not sure if that will happen this week or not, but i am hopeful it will happen soon. 

the only race that i know for sure i am running next year is the canton marathon on june 17th.  i am totally psyched about this race since it will be all along the streets of my hometown.  running where i grew up is going to be such a cool experience.  plus i have lots of childhood friends that will also be running it!  

my plan for this week is to take it a little easy and try to be rested up for saturday. 

here is my plan: 
monday: rest
tuesday: speedwork (either 400's or 200's) and strength training
wednesday: 2-4 miles easy and yoga
thursday: tempo run and strength training
friday: 2 miles easy and stretching
saturday: jingle bell run
sunday: 8-10 miles easy run and strength training
T and i haven't had a chance to get back out there and run together again, yet.  but she has told me she is ready to go again.  so we will run tuesday, thursday, and then she will attempt to run as much of the jingle bell run on saturday. 

signed up today for the dailymile secret santa.  looking forward to meeting someone new!  i love this time of year....even if it is highly stressful at times.  i am going to try to keep the meaning of the season at the forefront of everything i do over the next few weeks.  i have been trying to remain thankful every day this month, and i would like to try to continue that same thankful spirit.  

what are you thankful for this season? 


  1. I am thankful for amazing friends and for being one of the aforementioned childhood friends in the blog! LOL!

  2. Keep it up, you will find it rewarding to leave a written record of you efforts. I get motivation from mine, some days it gives me the bump I need to get off my rear ad run so I do not let the blog down.

  3. Best wishes in your Jingle Bell run!

    I am thankful for food this season :)