Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Honor and Remember...part 2

My last two runs were dedicated to the adult victims of Sandy Hook.  I was able to spend a full mile praying for each of these victims by name.  The stories of courage and sacrifice that have been told about the teachers and staff at Sandy Hook have touched and inspired me.  I hope that I have courage to face down any evil that may block my path.  

As I ran, I prayed for: 
~ Healing for the families of the victims. 
~ That God's grace surrounds each of the survivors. 
~ That the Lanza family can be greeted with grace. Hate breeds hate...the only way to battle hate is with love. 
~ That the survivors (including those parents whose children came home on Friday) not suffer from guilt because they survived.  
~That the town of Sandy Hook feel the prayers and support of the nation.  
~ That the nation begin to heal and do so through love and kindness towards each other.  

Run #1 
Mile 1: Vicky Soto
Mile 2: Dawn Hochsprung
Mile 3: Mary Sherlach
Mile 4: Rachel Davino

Run #2
Mile 1: Anne Marie Murphy
Mile 2: Lauren Rousseau
Mile 3: The Lanza family
Mile 4: The survivors

I believe that God has shown Himself in the aftermath of this tragedy.  At least, He has revealed himself to me.  I believe that love will prevail.  

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.
 (Psalm 23)


  1. My heart is heavy, everytime I read or see something about this, so sad

    On a side note, did you receive my email about Ohio triahtlons?

    1. My heart hurts too.

      I did not get the email. Can you resend it?

  2. I resent it, if you dont get it, email me at tri_diesel@yahoo.com