Monday, December 10, 2012

HBBC Week 3

This was a fantastic week.  I met my goals for the week, and am feeling strong and relaxed.

Monday: Ran a really easy-paced 5.5 miles.  I was still feeling a bit under the weather, but it felt good to get outside and run. After the run, I tried the WOW #3.  I added planks and squats and did 5 rounds. Love the tabata style of workout!

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Tuesday: Used this as somewhat of a rest day.  Got up and did a nice 2200 yard swim (Endurance-Form #4).  I recently purchased the book, "Swim workouts for Triathletes" and I am following the "general fitness" plan right now.  My goal is to get 3 swims/week in.

Wednesday: Hit it hard today.  Did my first every spin class before school.  I LOVED it!!  The instructor was surprised this was the first time I have ever tried it.  Came home that night and ddid a 10k  negative split run.  Cooled it down with just under a mile walk on the treadmill and then 20 minutes of stretching.

Thursday: Hit the pool before school and did a 3100 yard swim (Endurance speed #6).  This was a fun workout, and I got to swim fast for parts of it!  :)  Came home and did a really slow 4 mile recovery run and 20 minutes of stretching.  The quads were really feeling it today as a result of the spin.  It took until Sunday before I felt normal again.  I wanted to head back to the Y for a spin on Friday morning, but I was having a hard time just going up and down stairs, so I decided to hold off.

Friday: No morning workout today, but did an easy 3.5 interval workout on the treadmill, and then finished up with a 1 mile cool down walk.

Saturday: My goal when I headed out was to get 8-12 miles in at a nice relaxed pace.  As I progressed into the run, I started to feel really good.  At around 10 miles, I thought I would go for a half marathon...and try to negative split it. Mission accomplished.  I ran a 1:55 half marathon with the 2nd half of it 3 minutes faster than the first half.  I felt incredible!  I cooled it down with a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood, then came home and did some yoga poses and stretched the legs out.

Feeling pretty awesome after an unplanned half mary!!

Sunday: Headed back to the Y for a brick workout.  Did a nice easy 14 mile spin on the indoor bike, then hit the pool for 2400 yard swim (Force #2).  Came home and watched the end of the Browns game (THEY WON!!!) while stretching.

I am very pleased with this week.  I wanted to get over 80 points this week, and because of the quality workouts I got in, plus getting in my fruits and veggies every day, I was successful!  81.7 points this week.  I have found that I am more cognizant of going for a piece of fruit as a snack, instead of the chocolate or crackers I would normally go for.  I love fruit smoothies, and will often make my own, or buy the Naked smoothies from the store. My kids and I fight over edamame!  How awesome is that??? The best news of all, is that I have lost 4 of the pounds I have put on since my marathon in late October!!!  So very pleased.  I am hoping to continue that trend through the New Year!

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This coming week is a recovery week as I get ready to start a new marathon training cycle on the 17th. My goals for this week:
~ All freggies in each day
~ Post to FB each day
~ Do the WOW at least once
~ Stretch 4 times
~ Swim 2-3 times
~ Spin 2 times
~ Run 24-30 miles


  1. Wow! Nice job! You're always doing something! Maybe I'll catch you this week - I had 65 last week and my goal is to break 70 this week! Way to go!

  2. I stopped by to visit your blog from Zanetas Xmas Card Swap and was excited to find another Columbus blogger!!! Are you planning to do a triathlon next season? If so, I have done close to all of the ones in Ohio, I can help you with the type of course and venue it is.

    It was nice to meet you

    1. Hi Diesel! It's always fun to hear from someone nearby! I am planning on doing the Rev3 (HIM) up at Cedar Point in September next year. It'll be my first HIM. I will most likely find a couple sprint/olympic distance tris to do before that, but I'll probably stay in the area. I'd like to give the Giant Eagle one a try...any others that you would recommend?

  3. I did Rev3 Half this season, I liked the course, well the swim and bike, the run course wasnt all that fun, and I will be at CP again this season, racing or spectating, depending how I feel.

    I have Giant Eagle for the last 2 years, I recommend it, I will not be doing it in 2013, it falls on the same day as Ironman Switzerland that I will be doing.

    I will email you later this week with some potential races to consider

  4. still love seeing everyone write freggies now, such a great term :) way to go on your weeks