Sunday, December 2, 2012

HBBC2012 Week 2 wrap up.

This was somewhat of a rest week for me.  I guess I needed it, but I hadn't planned it this way.  That's OK, because I am rested and ready to tackle the coming week.

Monday, I took it a little easy.  Short 2+ mile run as a warm up and then I did 4 rounds of the WOW.  This felt amazing.  Then I spent about 20 minutes stretching and did 9 sun salutation as part of that stretching session.  I love sun salutations!

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Tuesday, I took a full on rest day!  I didn't plan it, but I definitely needed it.

Wednesday, I headed to the YMCA after school.  Got in a 6 mile progressive run on the tready and the track and then hit the indoor bike for a nice 15 mile spin.

Thursday, I got up early and went for a nice 2300 yard swim before school.  After school I did a 6+ mile run which included 4 Yasso 800's.  My goal for these by the end of my training cycle is under 3:40.  These were all right around 3:43.  I've got some work to do!   Spent 20 minutes doing some stretching again, and got up to 10 sun salutations this time.

Friday was a wonderful, easy 7 mile recovery run. I paced this by HR, and kept it to under 135.  This translated to about a 9:45 pace.  Just perfect!  Came in and did 2 WOW circuits which included 12 different moves.  It was fantastic!  I'm still feeling it on Sunday night.

Thanks, Amy Herring for putting this together!

Saturday was the Jingle Bell Run 5k.  Each year, my family makes the trip down here to do this run.  This year my mom, dad, gramma, my mother in law, my nephew, both of my girls and my oldest's boyfriend joined in the fun!  We had a lot of fun.  I was up most of the night with some kind of stomach bug, so I didn't put up my best 5k, but I was still one of the top 50 women, so I got a medal!  My official time was 24:15.  This is almost 90 seconds slower than my PR from a couple of months ago, but I know it was because I was sick.  By the time I included all the walking to and from the car, my warm up and then running back to finish the walk with my family, I ended up with 7 miles on the day. Did a little bit of stretching...10 minutes, and then tried to rest and drank lots of ginger ale and at pretzels so I could feel better for my family's Christmas on Sunday.
The family before heading out to the race!

Post race with my "Top 50" medal!

Sunday was the day we decided to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family.  I hosted for 19 people and loved every minute of it.  This translated to roughly 5 hours of cooking and cleaning.  After dinner and presents, we took the little ones out for a short walk.  The weather was unexpectedly warm for December 2nd.  My youngest got Just Dance 3, and I spent about 20 minutes playing the game with her!  We had so much fun today. The day was topped off by a Brown's win over the Raiders!

Some scenes from the day...

Overall, this was not the week I had been shooting for, but it was still a successful week.  Partly because of poor planning, I didn't meet my goals of getting 2 spins and 2 swims in, but I will get it this week!  I got in 3 days of stretching instead of 4, but that is still 3 more days than I have been getting, so that is considered successful!  I got my fruits and veggies (freggies) in each day, and participated in the FB group each day.  My total points for this week are 70.05, just a bit under what I had been shooting for, but still pretty good since it turned out to be somewhat of a rest week!

My goals for next week are:
2 spins and 2 swims
5-6 runs
3+ days of stretching
All my freggies/post to FB daily


  1. 70 is great! I was excited when I got to 62! Way to go!

  2. Wow! 70 points! Looks like you had a fun week. I pinned your workout :)

  3. Wow, what a great week!! Also, your penguin t-shirt is adorable! Great job on your 5K even though you weren't feeling well beforehand.

  4. Wow, great week! I really need to do a better job of incorporating speed workouts and "other" types of runs in to my training plan...right now it's pretty much like I just go out and run the mileage I'm supposed to do and that's it.

    And yeah for sun salutations, I love them!

  5. Love the Sun Salutations image. Congrats on the top 50 finish!

    Here's to a great week 3!