Monday, December 31, 2012

HBBC wrap up week #6

I haven't had a chance to do a weekly wrap up for a couple of weeks, but I have been doing well keeping myself moving during the Holiday Season.  The last couple of weeks have been busy, but good.  I love this time of year...not so crazy about the snow, but I am learning to embrace running in it. It appears I won't have much of a choice this winter.

Here's what I did this week:

Monday: Stayed inside on the TM and did a 5 mile easy run with 2 miles walking, then 20 minutes of stretching.

Tuesday: Just an easy 4 miles before we got going to Canton for Christmas celebrations at my Gramma's house.

Wednesday: Have been trying to do more yoga.  I found a great routine on  There were 3 parts:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.  This was a nice 30 minute routine that I did after my 6 mile run in the blizzard and the WOW #6.  I added lying leg lifts and straight-leg crunches.  I think this might be my favorite of the WOWs so far.

Thursday: Took a much needed rest day.  Lounged around the house and enjoyed the family.  It was a great day.

Friday: Went to Blacklick Woods to get my 6 miles with 4 at MP in. There were no clear roads/sidewalks in my neighborhood and I needed to be able to get some good speed.  Luckily, the roadway was clear in the park, even though the trail was not.  It was so pretty, I had to snap a couple of pics.  The run went really well, and I was able to hit my goal pace.  I got home and did the WOW workout again, as well as 30 minutes of yoga.  Another good routine from youtube!

Saturday: I love the weekends, extra time to get workouts in.  I hadn't been in the pool or on the bike all week, so I took advantage of the time I had today to do both.  Tried to run outside, but the snow was just too deep, and too many people had not cleared their sidewalks at all.  Got 2 done outside, and then headed to the Y to finish up my 5 for the day.  Then did an hour of spinning, and a 2000 yard swim followed by a quick stretch and cool down walk.  Whew!  I felt good after all of that!

Sunday: Had 12 miles on the schedule, but the snow was still a problem in my neighborhood, so I relented and hopped on the TM.  I tried to do a progressive run, and I was doing great...until my TM stopped working at 8.5 miles....ugh.  I messed with it for a few minutes, and then got changed and headed outside to finish.  I was able to find some pseudo-cleared roads, and got the remaining 3.5 in.  last mile was my fastest, as I continued to try to keep the progressive run going.

Got my freggies in every day but one.  I am happy with that!
Total points for week 6:   78.18.

HBBC has been a great motivator for me these last few weeks.  I am excited for the coming year! Thanks for all of your support and motivation!

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  1. Your training is impressive! You inspire me! Congrats on a great week! You've done really well with HBBC!