Saturday, December 25, 2010

60 years ago...

today, i found myself being very nostalgic. as i was wandering the rooms at my gramma's house, i found myself remembering how my cousins and i used to "hide" and play in different rooms of the house.  i have so many fond memories of growing up and celebrating christmas with my family.  they seemed to come rushing back to me today as i was able to celebrate with my family.  we are all grown, and having children of our own, but we still come together each year, because that is what families do.  i love watching my own kids make memories.  my husband and i talked about how my cousins would use him as a jungle gym when we first started dating.  and how now, those same cousins take time out to make sure they say hi to him and talk about the browns...or other important guy things.  my gramma revealed today how it was 60 years ago on christmas day that my grandpa gave her an engagement ring.  boy, am i glad she accepted!  he's been gone for almost 20 years, but i still miss him!  and even more,  i miss seeing them together. they were (and still are) the best example of  what a marriage should be.  i miss him calling her "boss lady" and her singing "you are my sunshine" to him.  

today was an amazing day. i love watching christmas through my girls' eyes.  tea has not put her american girl doll down yet!  and kayla was upset that she didn't have a light she could use to read from her kindle on the way home.  God has blessed me with such an amazing family.  i give praise and thanks to Him today for giving it all for me!

i will post pix later this week...another family celebration tomorrow!!  more memories to be made!  

merry christmas to all....and to all a good night!

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